Is Hormonal Imbalance Treatable?

hormonal imbalance

hormonal imbalance


Hormonal Imbalance is a quite common condition in adults, which is overlooked most of the time.

However, it is important to know that hormonal imbalance is treatable. If you can identify your signs and symptoms in time, it is easier to treat. That is why early detection and prevention is the key.

When we look at it from a holistic approach, we always must look at the root cause. What is the reason that we are experiencing certain symptoms? When we understand what hormonal imbalance is and how it occurs, then we can take proper steps towards solving the problem in the most efficient and effective way.

A hormonal imbalance is a condition that occurs when the body has too much or too little hormones in the body. Most people will experience different symptoms but all suffer from unpleasant feelings.

Hormones affect almost every part of our body. They are produced by our endocrine system. Their role is to send messages to various parts of the body. They play an important role in many processes which helps the body to function properly. They mainly control our metabolism, growth and development, and reproductive system.

The most common type of hormonal imbalance in males is testosterone while most females suffer from estrogen and progesterone.

The most important thing is first you need to identify whether if you are having the symptoms of hormonal imbalance or not. Some of the most common symptoms include difficulty sleeping, mood swings. weight fluctuation, temperature sensitivity, and depression. Other signs include dry skin, changes in blood pressure, excessive sweating, anxiety, irritability headache, and bloating. One of the reasons that hormonal imbalance could be hard to diagnose and treat is that it is hard to identify the real cause of hormonal imbalance.

By applying a holistic and 360 degrees approach, we can see and learn about one’s lifestyle. When we investigate all the perspectives, it makes it easier to know what the real root cause of the hormonal imbalance is. I hope that this information is useful to many of you. In my next blog, I would talk further about how we diagnose and treat hormonal imbalance.

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