Are you Truly Resting

Are you truly resting, taking a break, or even sleeping?

“If you are waking up (after sleeping) and still exhausted, the issue probably isn’t sleep. It’s likely a rest deficit.” – Saundra Dalton-Smith, M.D.

Immediately after reading this quote above, many questions were raised in my head.

Every time in our daily lives, we tend to only look at things that need to be done and use all our energy on trying to achieve all the goals in time. But do we do justice to it when it is our resting time, sleeping time or even when we say that we are giving ourselves some “me time”.

Man having a sleep problem

And why it is that even we do give ourselves some me time, we still feel drained, lethargic and have less motivation in getting things done than we used to have early in the days.

If we really look back at ourselves, we will see that most of the time we feel drained. It is rare to feel energized and fresh all the time with the things happening in this world these days. Our body is like a plant that needs proper food, water, nutrients, and sunlight to grow gracefully.

When you really rest make sure that you are really giving rest to your mind, body, and spirit. And how can we do it? For physical rest to our bodies, we can hit the gym or incorporate a HIIT or cardio workout in our busy schedule, maybe three times a week so when we go to bed, we really feel relaxed and sleepy. Another thing that we can do is to take care from within by giving the proper vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to revitalize and enhance our immunity and overall wellness. For the mental rest, how would you know if you need mental rest. If you have staring at the same page for more than ten minutes or you are experiencing brain fog or perhaps your thoughts are starting to turn negative that is when you need a mental break. Maybe you can try meditation or pray to calm yourself down and give yourself a mental rest. For our mental rest it is also important to make sure that we give ourselves rest from social, emotional, and creative rest. For doing that we can either treat ourselves with a staycation, a walk in the nature or maybe even just a night off from all the social media around us.

These are some tips on how we can truly rest. The small changes we make in our lives everyday are the things that lead to balanced body and many other great success in life. So, whenever you decide to take a break or rest, make sure that the rest really refreshes and enlightens our bodies mind and soul. So, we come back stronger and better than we ever were every time.

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