Genome Testing & DNA Analysis

Genome Testing & DNA Analysis

We have a customized healthcare approach utilizing DNA testing to inform treatment decisions, practices, and/or products which are tailored to the individual patient.

Conventional clinical diagnosis and management has focused on the individual patient’s clinical signs and symptoms, medical and family history, and data from laboratory and imaging evaluation to diagnose and treat disease. This is often a reactive approach to treatment, i.e., treatment/medication starts after the signs and symptoms of illness appear.

Advances in genetics have enabled a more detailed understanding of the impact of genetics in disease. Epigenetics (“epi” in Greek means “outside of, or around”) is the study of how our environment can modify the activation of certain genes; this influence determines the way our genes choose to express themselves. By knowing which gene(s) change, we can, through specific nutrients, Nutrigenomics, turn off unfavorable genetic expression and turn on healthy gene activity.

DNA Testing and Lab Services

In support of our approach to Biogenetics and its role in your health and well being, we have chosen specific genetic testing and information services. Together with the results their testing can provide and our exams, diagnosis and other lab results, we are assured of very comprehensive proactive health analysis.