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Family Planning With Optimum Health

Family Planning – The Natural Approach

At the time when conception is desired, it is very important that both partners have levels of general health. In modern society very few people maintain dietary practices that ensure they receive all the right nutrients, and the least amount of artificial additives, preservatives, pesticides and fertilizers in their food. Their lifestyles may be rushed and stressed, and laden with environmental toxins. Drugs (prescription or otherwise) should be avoided wherever possible, as should heavy metal toxicity, nitrosamines (formed in stomach after eating delicatessen meats), x-rays and pollutant gases.

In the diet there should be a strong emphasis of whole foods, the least refined and processed foods available. Fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic and raw, together with whole grains, pulses, legumes and some light proteins (such as fish and free range chicken) should be chosen, and refined carbohydrates, sugars and fatty foods avoided. Plenty of filtered water should be drunk, and substances such as caffeine, alcohol and nicotine excluded. Marijuana smoking can also retard fertility in the male and is best avoided.

It can be useful for a couple to embark on a cleansing, detoxifying regime to start them off on these new nutritional principles. Elimination diets may be of use if allergies are suspected; problems with recurrent Candidiasis in the woman should be treated, as they can play a role in infertility. There should be an assessment of vitamin and mineral status, and deficiencies treated with supplementation. A good multi-vitamin and mineral supplement would be recommended for most people, even in the absence of obvious deficiencies, as these days our foods cannot be relied on to provide the nutrients they once held, even if the optimum types of foods are chosen.

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