Revitalife Clinic

Corporate Program

Based on some of the most powerful motivational principles for business executives and professionals, the Corporate Program puts a compassionate twist on the corporate model for getting things done.

While other entelechy programs can focus on a variety of desires, Corporate Program is the only intervention that has been specifically designed for achieving health goals.

During Corporate Program, our doctor acts as your healing mentor. They’ll create a personalized Strategic Healing Plan for you that works in tandem with your medical protocol. This includes individual instruction in techniques to reveal the psycho-spiritual aspects of illness and exercises to raise bio-energetics to the frequency where healing takes place.

In either option, Corporate Program offers the invaluable opportunity to explore the deeper aspects of your case at a level that can’t be reached in the limited time frame of an office visit. It also provides much-needed additional support from our doctors, to see you through the toughest times of your healing journey and ensures your health goals are fully achieved. Be advised, Corporate Program is a rigorous program and participants should be positive, motivated people who are courageous in their openness and determined in their ability to follow through.

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